Income Tax Compliance

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has increased its efforts to enforce income tax compliance laws and regulations. Lopato and Associates can make sure you are never caught with a tax violation or missed deadline. Call our company today to receive a free consultation and avoid income tax compliance issues.Income Tax Compliance

Your company's administration has more important things to worry about than filing tax returns, and keeping up with the ever-changing unemployment laws and tax regulations is incredibly cumbersome. If you fail to meet the government's deadlines, you could be faced with expensive fines and harsh penalties, which is quite a burden in this time of economic decline.

Fortunately, Lopato and Associates tax professionals are more than capable of assisting you with all of your tax planning needs. Our qualified tax team will ensure that you meet all of your requirements and deadlines without any problems.

We offer a large variety of income tax compliance services including:

Compliance with the Internal Revenue Service and United States Federal government

  • Filing of income tax returns for entities
  • Filing of excise tax returns
  • Filing of employment tax returns
  • Filing for tax deadline extensions
  • Federal tax planning services
  • Providing information and advice about all types of tax returns

Compliance with State Taxation Requirements

  • Income tax return filings for entities
  • Filing of sales and use tax returns
  • Filing of excise tax returns
  • Filing of employment tax returns
  • Filing of tax deadline extensions
  • Filings for Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
  • Filing for Alcoholic Beverage Control license
  • State tax-planning services

Compliance with Municipal and Local Tax Regulations

  • Filing of Business, Professional and Occupational License return
  • Filing of personal property tax return
  • Filing of meals tax return

Compliance with Employment and Payroll Tax Regulations

  • Filing of federal payroll tax returns
  • Filing of state payroll tax returns
  • Filing of State Unemployment Tax Authority returns

Calculation of Employer Tax and Tax Withholding

  • Reporting of new hiring's
  • Managing tax payments
  • Managing tax incentives and tax credits
  • Managing wage garnishment

Regardless of your specific tax needs, Lopato & Associates can help you meet all of the necessary deadlines and requirements for both filings and payment.
Call us today we can solve your tax planning and income tax compliance problems