Accounting Bookkeeping

Accounting bookkeeping services are significant features of any business whether large or small. They are necessary for organizing all financial transactions pertaining to cash flow, assets, and liabilities, among many others. If you are feeling the pressures of trying to manage your small business you may want to consider hiring an accounting bookkeeping specialist to help you with all of your company’s "accounting bookkeeping" needs. Lopato & Associates is the right accounting bookkeeping firm.

accounting bookkeeping

Lopato and Associates provides accounting bookkeeping, advisory services and tax preparation for all small and mid-sized businesses. We offer business tax preparation and tax planning for businesses of all types including LLC's, partnerships, sub S corporations and corporations. We also offer our services to individuals. With Lopato and Associates as your "accounting bookkeeping", and tax service, you will never have to worry about the safety of your data. We put rigid security measures in place to keep your data confidential.

Allow us to handle all of your accounting bookkeeping needs so that you have more time to manage your company and make a profit!

Monthly or Quarterly Accounting Bookkeeping

Accounting Bookkeeping

We will perform the following accounting bookkeeping services for you each month or quarter...

  • Reconcile your bank account
  • Develop an income statement
  • Develop a balance sheet
  • Maintain the accuracy of your general ledger
  • Consult with you and provide advice whenever necessary

The services described above form the general foundation of an "accounting bookkeeping system" for a small business. You can add other services if you wish, including computer consulting, tax preparation, tax planning, or payroll.

Reconciling Your Bank Account

Lopato and Associates will perform monthly or quarterly reconciliation of your bank accounts in order to keep your accounting bookkeeping records and bank accounts current, which in turn allows you to...

  • Detect unauthorized transactions, misplaced checks and lost deposits.
  • Identify unjustified bank charges and make sure that your bank posts all transactions accurately.
  • Detect embezzlement of money from inside your company.
  • Manage your business's funds more effectively to save money.
  • Protect your business by promptly reconciling any unauthorized transactions on your accounts.
  • Stay informed about the status of your business, since your accounts are all reconciled and effectively organized on your business's financial statement.

Income Statement

Understanding the gain or loss for a period will allow you to...

  • Determine your business's operating loss or profit by tracking your expenditures and revenues.
  • Identify portions of your business that are currently under-budget or over-budget.
  • Determine which items are causing unexpected expenditures.
  • Track dramatic decreases and increases in expenditures or income.
  • Determine your expected income tax liability.

Balance Sheet

Having a balance sheet allows you to view the financial condition of your business at a specific point in time so that you can...

  • Determine the capabilities and financial strength of your business.
  • Analyze financial trends with lengthening payables and receivables cycles.
  • Decide if your business is ready to expand its operations.
  • Decide if your business will be able to handle the ebb and flow of expenses and revenues.
  • Decide if you must take urgent steps to increase your revenue.
  • Determine if there is a possibility of impending cash shortage.

Potential lenders such as investors, banks and vendors will use your income statements and balance sheets to determine how much credit will be granted to your business, so it is essential that these accounting bookkeeping documents be complete and accurate.

Keeping Your General Ledger Clean and Accurate

Since all transactions flow through a company's general ledger, this document can be considered the core of your financial records. Problems in the general ledger will render all of your books inaccurate.

Our company will study your general ledger each period to identify and repair any discrepancies. Lopato and Associates will keep all of your books accurate!


We are always available to assist you in interpreting and utilizing the financial information we provide. Consultations are included in our base price, so you can feel free to contact us with all of your questions and concerns.